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Nothing is wrong, you're okay. Nothing is wrong, you're okay. Just okay? Well, by golly, that is not good enough. It is a privilege to live in this country; why don't you try being happy about that?! Under the First Commandment of the Empire of must always be happy and satisfied. Especially when the First Lady seems to be everywhere these days: AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE. Be careful of your face. The face is a betrayer. If your face tells anyone you are miserable you should be locked up in pins and needles. Needless to say, institutionalized in one of our "caring" facilities for people with long faces. Long faces are no good. First Lady will have no long faces. Only smiles and cheers. This is America!!!! Free for swallow your pills and shut up cry-baby, complainer-always be well. Shut up fool. 

First Lady for Empire!!!!!