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  • Constitution does offer an inherent right to privacy such as when all cell phones have been tapped to find the source of  terror.
  • I have a gun so that I have more control over my life, you know?
  • Pro-life and freedom are values we must cherish as citizens of the USA.
  • Choose life even if her own daughter were raped.
  • Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
  • It must be agony for those "poor" poor people
  • If we all thought about fairies, abortion would be illegal.
  • Taxpayers cannot be looked at as Wall Street Skeletors.
  • Genuflect before Him.

    • Establish “I own a gun Day” to support fighting global crime.
    • Victim's rights are crucial, kind of like douching. 
    • Collect stool samples from all felons.
    • Death to adults that attempt to kill children: give children guns.
    • Someday we won't need mace: bad neighborhoods will disappear.
    • Never legalize Marijuana: Meth is far better.
    • I am a graduate of Vogue Magazine; I empathize with ugly people.
    • Undigested food.